A Woman’s Role in a Relationship

A Woman’s Role in a Relationship. Most women struggle to comprehend the many roles they play in relationships. A woman is necessary in a man’s life because she gives him security within the context of a healthy relationship.

When it comes to a relationship, there are certain roles both parties are expected to play. Although it doesn’t take so much effort to know what a man needs in a relationship. 

Men are naturally simple, so they have certain roles in a relationship that every man expects their girlfriends to portray. 

If becoming an excellent girlfriend is what you seek, then you need to fulfill certain girlfriend roles in a relationship.

As a woman, what are your roles? What are the things you are supposed to do in a relationship? Here some roles to help you out.


Enhance what made him attracted to you

Role in a Relationship

Most men are attracted to women for different reasons and in different ways. It could be because of your looks, smile, body type, or your manner of approach and how you interact with him. 

One thing to do is to enhance those things that got your man’s attention. You need to sort out ways of reminding him how amazing you are. [Read more: Make your boyfriend go crazy over you]

Indulge him in a public demonstration of adoration

Role in a Relationship

Men mostly lookout for some form of light physical contact from the women they love and hope to spend their lives with.

Though a lot of men don’t care much about public displays of affection, as long as it is their girlfriend, they are good with it.

When you fondly put your arms around him, hold his hands, and touch him more, this alone positively turns his mind towards you. [Read more: Simple guidelines you should be aware of before holding hands or kissing]

Take care of him

Role in a Relationship

A woman has many roles in a relationship, but the truth about it is that the responsibility isn’t meant for the woman alone as this applies to both genders. 

It’s a mutual responsibility so both partners must learn to understand each other and also do their best to look after one another. 

A woman’s role in a relationship is to carefully respond to her man whenever he tries to open up because this shows how interested you are about his problems. 

Indulge in romantic gestures because some men find it special when you make them feel less insecure. [Read more: Show your boyfriend how much you care]

Make him happy

Role in a Relationship

A good girlfriend is one who makes her man happy all the time.

As a woman, this should be your number one role in a relationship.

Here are ways you can make your man happy:

  • Avoid provoking your man by ignoring him when he is with friends.
  • Know what your man wants from you.
  • Praising your man in public brings emotional satisfaction to him.

When you are able to put up these few tips in your relationship, you are sure of perfect relationship goals. [Read more: Make your man happy

Get along with his friends

Role in a Relationship

Men are easily influenced through their friends. If the friends he keeps like you, and they think your a good match, this will drive him the most.

When you get along with important people in his life, he feels relaxed and this gives him more reasons to be happy with you. Read More

Be a good listener

Role in a Relationship

What should you do to be the woman he enjoys being with? In a relationship, one of the best thing a lady should do is to give listening ears to her partner and try to understand whatever they are telling each other. 

As a good partner, it is crucial to understand that it isn’t in your position to provide solutions to all of your man’s problems. 

When you take up this responsibility of being there for your man, it makes him understand that he isn’t alone in that relationship. [Read more: Listen better in a relationship]

Keep it light

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Role in a Relationship

One thing that holds a happy relationship together is playfulness. 

If you and your partner shared childhood days, then you should not be acting all grown up every time. Learn to play together, crack jokes, tickle him and tease each other. 

These are really small stuff but they make big difference. Read more 

Motivate him

Role in a Relationship

Every lady must master the act of motivating her man in a relationship, it is part of your role in a relationship. You need to know how to motivate your man during his downtimes.

As a woman, you are in possession of some unique powers which will inspire your man and also help him unfold his greatest potentials.

Naturally, men exhibit masculine behavior, and may look like they don’t need help most of the time, but in reality this is just a mask to keep people away from their weaknesses. 

Hence regardless of how strong he looks, always try to motivate him, because the only thing that will alter him and make him into better person is the selfless love of his woman. [Read more: Motivate your man without hurting ego

Own up to Mistakes 

Role in a Relationship

Another role of a woman in a relationship is to own her mistakes and admit them. She should be able to accept her blames and also apologize when necessary. 

A woman who is being very defensive and keeps pushing the blames on her man will only ruin her relationship. [Read more: Take the blame when you deserve it

Love yourself

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Role in a Relationship

When you do not love yourself first, it becomes a problem trying to love another person. It is very important to always love yourself first. 

Losing your identity or yourself in a bid to fulfill your roles in a relationship as a woman is one thing you need to avoid. In relationships, women serve such crucial roles that it only makes sense to take them seriously.

A relationship will be more effective if both parties realize how serious and significant their duties are from the beginning. [Read more: Tips on how to love yourself while in a relationship]

Be his friend

Role in a Relationship

In every healthy relationship, it is very important if a woman takes her man as her friend and not only her boyfriend, this way they’ll be able to achieve more in the relationship. 

Most men love hanging out with friends and spending time together. If there is a problem in the relationship, you can talk things out the way friends do.  [Read more: How can I be my boyfriends best friend]

Love your man

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Role in a Relationship

Some men constantly act like they don’t need love, and that all they need is respect. Deep down, love is everything they wish for. 

A man wants you to do everything for him out of love, and not just a voluntary act. So, love your man. You shouldn’t be dating him if you do not love him in the first place, love him in the good and bad times.

Make sure to support your boyfriend if he had difficult day at work or if he got into fight with coworker.

The more you put in effort in loving him during life’s happy moments as well as the difficult moments will make both of you have this feeling that you were meant for one another. [Read more: Ways to express love to your man


Some roles of a woman in a relationship are listed in the article above which will help you improve. Taking care of your man should be your biggest priority as a lady.

This goes to both partners, both must understand that a healthy relationship comes when both parties accept and own their mistakes. There is no relationship when both lovers keep disagreeing and no one wants to admit or own their mistakes.


Related questions:

What should a woman’s role be in a relationship?

A woman’s role in a relationship should be well defined, she should be loving, caring, supportive, help grow his finances, be encouraging and everything positive. A man will always support a lady who supports him too, because when both lovers are up for each other, there is a blissful flow of love in the relationship.

What do you think the role of a man in a relationship should be?

The role of a man in a relationship is being there for his woman when she feels down. There are many roles of a man in a relationship, he must as well love and support her, help her grow. A man must learn how to calm down situations and not react the other way round.

Here are few signs to help you determine whether a man is good:
  • He is always by your side.
  • Your man motivates you.
  • A man will try to win your confidence.
  • You always feel attractive around him.
  • You feel secure around him.
  • He puts a lot of efforts to making your dreams come true.
  • Makes sure you always know how much he cares for you.
  • Never goes too far.

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