Dating a British Man Long Distance – 10 Dos and Don’ts

Have you been thinking of dating a British man long distance or you’re already in a long-distance relationship with a British guy? If you are in either of these categories then your search in this regard is over now.

This article has been written just for you and we will be telling you what dating a British man long distance looks like and the things involved to stay connected to your lover for a long time.

Though dating a British man long distance is not different from dating any other guy out there, this article will let out all the necessary information needed to maintain your long-distance relationship.

Normally, British men are great guys when it comes to long-distance dating, they do understand how to treat their women well at all times, yet there are lots of things you should know to maintain a healthy relationship.

Now, let’s get started.


Things You Need to Know Before Dating a British Man Long Distance

Things You Need to Know Before Dating a British Man Long Distance

Dating someone around you can be hard to keep and maintain likewise dating a British man long distance such that there are lots of differences between the two of you.

A long-distance relationship is not difficult as some people think, it’s simple if the two of you are careful, honest, forgiving, and understanding to each other.

Know that communication is entirely important to look into in any relationship, but when talking about maintaining a long-distance dating, you should not only rely on communication alone but as well take note of the most important factors like:

  1. Background: Of course, you too did not grow up in the same location there will always be a difference in culture.
  2. Long Conversations: There will be also long dialogues so don’t panic along the line, have this in mind.
  3. Misunderstandings: There will be lots of misunderstandings sometimes because both of you were raised in different environments.
  4. Belief yours will work: Some people see distance relationships as something hard to be real but believe me distance relationships are extremely awesome when you too understand each other and believe it will work out well for you.

Now, you have understood those points to note, so let’s list out the points


Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship

Dos and Don'ts

Some time ago, a friend of mine, Gloria got married to this charming guy.

Do you know what? these great two lovers have been in long-distance dating to my notice before they finally got married, so I try to enquire from her how they were able to maintain and make their relationship last that long to the extent of being couples.

And guess what?

She speaks so well on the area of being transparent, about communication, dates, and she also revealed to me some of the do’s and don’ts that helped them out during their long-distance dating.

Check the list below:

DO: Make Sure to Communicate Always with Him in a Nice Tone

Of course, this is the reason I said earlier that communication may not be the most important thing in any relationship but your tone of communication is quite a vital point to note.

How both of you communicate with each other matters a lot and will determine how long that relationship will last.

DON’T: Shout When Communicating

Don’t always shout on top of your voice at your partner, instead of saying things out of anger, you can call him quietly when everything is calm to explain in a peaceful tone.

DO: Try and Make Sure Both of You Have the Same Communication Style

This means, you can choose an acceptable way that is okay for the both of you, you can discuss this with him at the onset.

Yes, this is so cool, to have the same style of communication will help your relationship to grow without much misunderstanding.

DON’T: Communicate for Too Long Because This May Lead to Problems and Misconception

Don’t spend the whole day talking or connected because this may result in a serious argument which may likely lead to a quarrel.

However, this can be challenging but the best thing to do is to often create points to discuss at each time both of you have quality time to communicate.

And also ensure that you hold and maintain a meaningful conversation, discussing romance at times can help to boost long-distance dating.

DO: Arrange for A Date Night

This is another vital point that will help to build and keep your long-distance dating active.

Instead of too much communication, You can decide to have a date night, where the both of you will have enough time to enjoy yourselves together.

You can choose to spend this amazing time together by watching the same movie online or considering playing online multiplayer games.

Arranging for date nights is one of the awesome means you can be strong enough for the long run in your distance dating.

According to my friend Gloria, she says, date nights come in many forms. It may be in form of facetime or in doing other several workouts depending on how you want it.

You can decide on reading each other’s stories at bedtime, watch movies together online, perform vocabulary training, download the same games to play like puzzles, or choose to do other lots of fun things together.

DON’T: Take Your Time

Don’t try to rush things, allow them to happen at the right time.

You shouldn’t always expect everything to work out based on your own time.

Remember that, this may be the person you will likely spend your forever with, so you need to take your time to let him find a way to be in your life, said the great Andrea Miranda.

And as they said time reveals everything, you have to give your long-distance dating some time to avoid pressure.

Everything should happen naturally. Your endgame is to be together for the rest of your lives, so don’t be in a rush for any reason.

DO: Try to Keep it Active

Some people do go into a relationship with so many intentions and in the long run, they cannot withstand the thought of how long the relationship will be able to last.

To have this thought can be frustrating and scary, though, it’s normal you think about it, but then don’t allow this thought to destroy the relationship you are trying to build.

It is easy to ignore this thought anytime it comes to your mind while in regular dating because you’re often with your partner but in long-distance dating, you need to discuss it with your lover as soon as the thought keeps coming back to your mind.

DON’T: Depend on Social Media

Don’t be a stalker, learn to give your partner some freedom to express themselves, support them to have a free life on social media.

As we earlier said that transparency is quite essential to any relationship including long-distance dating.

You need to understand that when you’re transparent with your partner, it will help the both of you to feel closer to each other.

Don’t start to monitor everything they do on social media, in short, it’s advisable to keep your dating totally out of social media sites.

So to maintain your long-distance dating, you both have to be open and accessible, learn to say your mind verbally, be free to say ‘ I’m sad and I’m missing you right now when you ought to.

DO: Plan to Visit Each Other During Vacation.

According to my friend Gloria, they didn’t start dating till some couple of years, she knew quite well that she is going to spend the rest of her life with her distant lover, and that makes them to agreed at the onset of their relationship to always make out time to visit and know each other well before taking their relationship to the next level.

Since you’re not living in the same city and not always in each other’s real lives.

This will help strengthen the bond you have for each other. You need to make out time for the two of you to have some quality time together.

Maybe it can be when the both of you will be on vacation, it can be monthly or yearly depending on your free time.

Gloria further said that making out time to spend some moments with your partner in long-distance dating can help reveal if the individual is really in love with you or not.

DON’T: Forget to Say Your Limits.

The relationship can make someone be too emotional and excited sometimes to an extent that you can’t say your limits again.

Though there’s nothing so wrong with being emotional in your long-distance dating I think it’s important you set a few boundaries.

It’s okay sometimes if you let your partner know what you can be able to tolerate and what is not okay for you at the beginning of the relationship to avoid some kind of problems in the long run.

Hence, don’t keep silent when you suppose to communicate to your limits, speak out in time, say your likes and dislikes to your partner as this will not only help the both of you to understand each other but will also help keep your long-distance dating strong, active and healthy.


In Conclusion

Dating a British man long distance can be at times difficult to cope with since the both of you’re not physically connected.

But if you can get used to the time difference, have respect for each other, and understand each other, trust me your relationship definitely work.

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