6 Top Online Dating Apps in Taiwan

Dating apps in Taiwan enable Thais to meet other people to express themselves, feelings and attractions

Summertime in Taiwan means two things: hot, unconscionably humid days and dates; It is understood that the two don’t seem to go together, but there’s a possible explanation for that.

Taiwan is a fascinating place where people will seize every opportunity to enjoy the weather, especially on sunny days immediately after the rainy season arrives.

On Sunny days like this, you can expect to witness crowds of people roaming around the night markets, lounging in cafés, and shopping – it generally happens just when you think Taiwan is a ghost country because everyone is shut up and out of the rain.

This intriguing lineup of activities and many more make Taiwan a social hub both for locals and intending visitors alike.

In case you’re wondering how to stay in touch with the Taiwanese culture, and most excitingly, their steaming hot men and women, without having to visit, then this post is strictly for you.

The popularity and success of dating apps have inspired people both in and outside Taiwan to enter the ‘love scene’ in the hopes of finding someone to share their feelings with.

However, before touring Taiwan either virtually or physically in search of ‘true love’s first kiss, there are certain things to consider.


The Taiwanese Dating Culture

Taiwan has a population of about 23 million people, the majority of whom are descendants of mainland Chinese immigrants.

Surprisingly, these people are from mainland China’s coastal provinces of Fujian and Guangdong.

Indigenous ethnic groups account for around half of the population. The indigenous ethnic population of the country is made up of 16 different tribes of original people.

Taiwan’s diverse population contributes to the island’s many cultures. As a result, numerous civilizations influence the country’s art, trade, and way of life.

In more ways than one, the demographics mentioned above influence Taiwanese dating culture.

The following sections negotiate the numerous components of Taiwanese dating culture, from ethnic sensitivities to family relationships, and you should be aware of them if you wish to find love on this beautiful island.



Exploring Taiwanese dating culture as an outsider puts you at a distinct disadvantage in several areas. For one thing, the language may be a barrier right away.

Taiwanese languages are many, just as its residents come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Mandarin Chinese is Taiwan’s official language. At the same time, Minnan is widely spoken by people with Fujianese roots from the south.

Taiwan’s indigenous tribes are also working hard to maintain their languages.

Taiwan has a diverse range of languages. Even though English is commonly spoken, particularly in larger cities and famous tourist destinations, knowing a few basic conversational words might be useful.

Learning the various languages spoken in Taiwan will help you better integrate with the local population.


Respect for Close Family Relations

While the majority of Taiwanese people are modern, they nonetheless hold high regard for their past and traditions.

Taiwanese people, for example, value maintaining tight ties with their families. Even young professionals who claim to be self-made and independent remember their familial ties and obligations.

Furthermore, these tight links are not limited to their immediate families; Taiwanese individuals frequently communicate and maintain close relationships with relatives two or three generations back.

It’s critical to respect a Taiwanese person’s strong family ties when dating them.

Also, if you’re from a culture where people leave their childhood homes as soon as they come of age, witnessing Taiwanese professionals who are well-off still living with their parents may come as a shock.

If you’re worried about upsetting any Taiwanese families or want to understand more about the fundamentals of family relationships, the best thing you can do is have a lengthy and constructive talk with your date.

Inquire about any local customs or traditions, as well as any major ‘no-no’s’. It’s also vital to inquire about your date’s family’s rituals, traditions, and deal breakers.


Online Dating Apps in Taiwan

For a variety of reasons, online dating sites have grown highly popular in Taiwan. For starters, internet dating sites allow you to connect with a bigger number of Taiwanese individuals. While visiting prominent tourist places is enjoyable, it is also beneficial to broaden your horizons.

Furthermore, internet dating sites enable you to narrow down your search for the perfect date based on your interests and criteria. You can quickly select a date based on your preferences, age range, region, background, and occupation.

The following are some of the dating apps in Taiwan for you to choose from:



Screenshot image

Goodnight is one of the voice dating apps in Taiwan that began in late 2015 and was bought by Paktor in early 2017. It pairs two random users in a room for a seven-minute conversation, with just their identities and ages revealed before the chat.

After the seven-minute call, if both parties agree to add each other, they can continue to communicate. The term “Goodnight” comes from the fact that the overwhelming majority of users sign on late at night.

On Goodnight, you can skip the hassle of creating a profile, writing a bio, and uploading images by jumping right into a conversation.




Screenshot image

On Pikabu, users are accompanied by a Shiba Inu dog who acts as a “wingman” for them during the profile creation and matching process.

As you review people’s profiles, the AI-powered dog learns your tastes and steps in to help break the ice and lead the discussion when it gets stale.

The most exciting aspect of all Pikabu’s features is its approach to profile photos.

Pikabu users are encouraged to prioritize people’s profiles, interests, and hashtags over just look because all photographs are blurred by default.

Profile photographs begin to unlock piece by piece only after you’ve gotten to know each other through dialogue.




Screenshot image

Rooit, a Taiwanese app, has also taken a stand against swipe culture. Rooit was founded by two male friends in June 2017 to make it easier for young people to chat and interact with one another.

To keep its anonymous users checking in, Rooit uses AI chatbots, interactive games, and strange room décor. There are password-protected areas dedicated to LGBT people, as well as themes such as bars, temples, late-night dinners, and university campuses.

A replica of Taipei’s Longshan Temple is one of the most well-known chambers.




Screenshot image

SweetRing was launched in 2018 and swiftly spread internationally, beginning in Southeast Asia. The software is currently accessible in 17 languages.

When it comes to private information, SweetRing is the loudest app. Users are asked questions about their employment and education levels, blood type and zodiac sign, current living circumstances, income level, and assets under management, how urgent they feel about marriage, whether or not they desire children, and their thoughts on housework.



Meet the One

meettheone 心理學見面交友安卓下載,安卓版APK | 免費下載


Meet The One app investigates Taiwanese singles’ lives, including smoking or non-smoking, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, regular working hours, and hygiene.

After that, the quiz delves into communication styles and relationship expectations, including jealousy and love languages.

Meet The One is unique in that it is the only dating app that does not enable matches to communicate online.

Instead, it encourages couples to meet in person within 72 hours of meeting, which is perfect for males who can’t think of anything more to say besides oneliners.




Screenshot image

TrulyChinese is one of the greatest Chinese dating apps for connecting with singles in Taiwan whenever and wherever you are. This is the app to use if you’re looking for Asian pen-pals, hook-ups, or serious partnerships.

TrulyChinese strives to bring uncomplicated and high-quality online Chinese dating to everyone.

Discover the thrill of surfing, sending interests, chatting, and more to discover your Chinese or international mate. Simply look through the profiles that spark your interest, check your compatibility with your matches, and talk with them.

It’s that simple!




Taiwan’s dating market may be smaller than those of its Asian neighbors, but it is far from bashful when it comes to adopting online dating apps.

With so much ingenuity and invention in Taiwanese dating applications, there are virtually endless opportunities to find love, whether you live in Taiwan or abroad.

Scam accounts on dating apps can waste time, cause grief, and even cost money, but this isn’t the case with these carefully chosen apps for you.

So what are you waiting for? Why not avail yourself of this opportunity and throw a ‘perfect’ shot at love.


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