Dating in Taiwan for Foreigners, What I Discovered

Dating in Taiwan for foreigners, there are certain things you need to know about their culture before committing to love and any form of affection.

Impressing Taiwanese ladies is not tough, because Taiwanese women have a culture of being obedient to men and following their direction. You will have a good chance of finding a successful companion if you understand this.

First among the key things a foreigner should have in mind before landing a Taiwanese is dressing to impress.

For the Taiwanese ladies, you must dress nicely. They take considerable pride in how they appear and smell, and as such, they also expect their men to follow suit.

Also, in all circumstances with girls from this region of the world, men must take the lead. Because the women are shy and quiet, it is up to the men to set up a date and develop a relationship with them.

Thirdly, in the dating culture, respect is crucial, thus you must always exhibit it. If you are compassionate and kind-hearted when visiting your local Taiwanese date for the first time, you will be considered a gentleman.

Exercise is not left out on this list, because these women love to stay in shape and expect their guys to do the same. So, at the very least, make sure you enjoy walking. It’s much better if you enjoy running. Because they adore working out.

Lastly, the Taiwanese appreciate learning new things because they are open-minded individuals. They enjoy going on adventures and exploring new areas with their friends.

So, what stops you from taking your date on a date to another country?


What Makes Taiwanese Singles Use Online Dating Sites?

After a brief look at what stuff the Taiwanese are made of, it’s critical that we also discuss the ‘why?’ behind their online activities, so you can connect and interact with them with ease.

First, the Taiwanese use online dating sites because there are numerous advantages attached.

The most important consideration is convenience. This is so because they can chat with a lot of individuals from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Hence, It’s a great method to meet Taiwanese singles quickly.

You can communicate with a variety of women in the various chat rooms. Many Taiwanese girls have met their future husbands in this manner. They say it’s never simple to find love, but dating platforms make it a lot easier.

Also, another reason why the Taiwanese use dating sites is that Asian dating culture is getting on board with this trend.

It appears to be the most common method of meeting your other half because it allows women to talk anonymously with guys from all over the world. When you choose a reliable dating platform, there is never any pressure.

Taiwanese women can always quit the chat area if they feel forced. There’s also the option to block specific people.

As a result, dating services make women most especially, feel more secure than going to a club in search of the male population.

Last but not least, the Taiwanese use online dating sites because each site has an algorithm that assists in the selection of the most suited companion. This makes life a lot easier for users and helps them to find dates quickly.

Taiwanese girls enjoy sifting through the large range of Western men. This is why the Americans are considered in Taiwan as a highly prized catch because the weather in Taiwan might be a touch dreary, many Taiwanese prefer the climate in America, and most of them wish to engage in serious relationships with Americans.


Some Dating Sites in Taiwan

If you’re a foreigner hoping to start a relationship with a Taiwanese, here’s a list of popular dating sites to look out for:


Taiwan Singles

AsianDate Review July 2022: Pros & Cons - All Service Features

Taiwan Singles is a fashionable Taiwanese dating site, where dating in Taiwan for foreigners is enjoyable and secure, making it perfect for casual or formal collaborations.

Although Taiwan has a populace of 24 million people, the website serves singles from all walks of life.

This Taiwan relationship site is for guys and ladies above the age of 18 who are searching for a romantic-line courting service.

They evaluate your membership purposes before offering you the right of entry into their community, which is an enormous assignment for other Taiwanese dating websites.

💖 簡介2022 | Perfect or Scam? is a renowned Taiwanese dating site. It creates a safe and secure online dating in Taiwan for foreigners, and the site’s primary functionality thrives on swiping left or right for matches that are simple, quick, and genuine.

To navigate the site is free, but premium add-ons are available at affordable costs which enables dating in Taiwan for foreigners.



Screenshot image

Among Taiwanese, Tinder is one of the most popular online dating websites. It connects singles from all over the world, as well as from their neighbourhood.

Similar apps such as Hinge, PlentyOfFish, and OkCupid have come into the dating scene since Tinder paved the way after being launched. The app was incredibly creative when it was originally released in 2012.

Tinder’s app is simple to use: just swipe to show who you’re most interested in.

It is free to join, however, some of the best features require a full-on membership subscription package which makes dating in Taiwan for foreigners fun.


WOOTALK Taiwan App

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Customers can receive push notifications even if the app is turned off, as a large number of Taiwanese men and women use the app to keep connected to their professions while having fun.

‘Whisper, secret language,’ and ‘adult mode’ are just a few of the wonderful chat options available on the site.

Also, on the dating site, ‘Adult Mode’ allows you to talk about themes that are only attractive to adults, and creating a Wootalk profile is completely free.

Because this software program’s language is only available in Standard Mandarin, it can only be utilized by people who speak or understand Taiwanese.



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Badoo is a well-known courting service with a big number of attractive men and women who mostly cater to Asian clientele.

Unlike other online dating sites, you may not be able to utilize some services, such as blogs or images, until you first enter your personal information.

The site’s monitoring and protection methods, as well as the necessity that all users authenticate their accounts, safeguard users’ safety.

Another unique feature of the program is location-based matching, which focuses on people in your neighbourhood rather than their age or gender.

Despite its ease of use and accessibility, the site is available in over 45 languages to reach a wider audience, and you must be at least 18 years to benefit from the site’s many offers which make dating in Taiwan for foreigners easy and comfortable

Screenshot image makes dating in Taiwan for foriegners easy thereby cutting edge on online dating and has an unrivalled worldwide reach. The site, which was founded in 1993, now operates in over 32 countries and provides technology that allows members to take dating to new heights.

Their goal is to bring singles together from all over the world and inspire romance on a global scale. Their wealth of knowledge gained since inception has given them a unique perspective on what people seek in a dating partner.

They provide the most direct and effective method of meeting individuals anywhere on the planet.



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Are you looking for a long-term relationship or simply want to meet new people?

Tantan is one of the most fun ways to meet new people and broaden your social network. Get profiles of intriguing individuals in your area.

All you need is your gadget and a little charm. Swipe through the photos of those you want to connect with and wait for them to respond.



In general, dating in Taiwan for foreigners is a pleasurable experience that many love. Western males are in high demand, and singles may be found in abundance in the country’s capital, Taipei’s bars, and clubs.

Having local acquaintances who can connect you to single women is often a fantastic idea, which is a pretty common way to meet a girlfriend.

With the help of the information given in this article, alongside the dating sites provided, we are quite sure that hooking up with a Taiwanese won’t be a bother.

Keep in mind to take things slow, for the Taiwanese ladies, this provides them with sufficient time to be certain of their decision.


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