Dating Sites UK – 9 Best Sites to Find Love

We will be looking at Dating Sites UK today.

Are you looking for love, entertainment, or simply a companion? It might be time to plunge into the realm of online dating, and we’re here to assist you.

Entering the realm of online dating can be intimidating, to say the least, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time.

There’s a service for you, whether you’re seeking a casual fling or the ultimate fairytale ending – even if you have to kiss a few frogs along the way.

According to new data from one of the leading dating sites, Match, 67 percent of people think they’re in a good mood about dating right now, with another 17 percent believing that 2022 will be the year they discover love.

Even illness can’t stop the country thirst for love, so if you are having trouble finding true love after an illness, joining one of the dating sites UK in our top picks could be the right answer for you.

The good news is that the number of dating sites UK has never been smaller.

Whether you’re a dog lover, an environmentalist, or a wine expert, you could be just a few clicks away from finding someone who shares your passions.


UK Dating Culture

Top Best Dating Sites UK

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Here’s our top picks on Dating Sites UK

Dating Sites UK:



Free membership (limited)

Users: 3 million

From users review on, the dating site is synonymous and have a claim to have someone for everyone.

Create a well-structured profile then use the search button to find your ideal match.

That sounds awesome right? You can be contacted by persons who matches your profile when you go into “zen mode”

Although, registering is totally free, you can also send and receive messages if you subscribe. A six-month subscription costs £12.99 per month.



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Telegraph Dating Site UK

couple sitting on wooden bench

Free membership (limited)

Users: 220,000 members worldwide

The Telegraph Dating site UK is an easy way to meet your match. Simply state your type of person you’re looking for while creating your profile.

Then glance through the site and look for other people’s profile, when you see someone you like, be quick to send a message.

With a free membership, you can read potential matches’ messages and respond with a one-liner. Only paid customers can start discussions and send personalized messages. A subscription starts at £12 per month for 12 months.

Upgrade to Premium for an extra £10 a month, and anyone can respond to your messages for free.


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man and woman standing side by side during daytime

From £19.90 per month

Users: 13 million

EliteSingles is one of the best dating sites UK that matches lover based on compatibility.

The in-depth compatibility exercise considers your appearance personality which includes questions about your ambition, social skills, your optimism, how friends would characterize you and many others.

Also it considers what you are looking for in a spouse, whether you desire children or not.

The majority of users are searching for a long-term commitment and intellectual fit, with 85% of users having a degree and being between the ages of 30 and 55.

To send messages to your matches, as well as see all of their photographs and leave comments, you must subscribe. Premium membership starts at £19.90 per month for a year, or you can try it out for three months for £39.95 a month or six months at £21.95.


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Silver Singles

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Free membership (limited)

Users: 70,000

While Silver Singles is one of the most relevant dating sites UK, it’s also our top pick in the United Kingdom.

To join the site, you must first complete a detailed personality exam, which takes about 15 to 30 minutes and is designed to match you with your ideal match.

Even though profiles are fairly extensive, they are hidden behind a paywall. Similarly, to send messages to potential mates, you will have to pay for the premium membership.

This premium membership starts at $24.95 for a year.


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Free membership (limited)

Users: 5 million

Eharmony, a modern matchmaking service, claims to have helped over two million people find love.

Users must complete a short survey to discover their essential values concerning others, and this information is used to power a variety of beneficial tools to aid in the search for love (such as compatibility scores, personality profiles, and relationship advice).

Registering and downloading the app is free, as are sending smiles and pre-written Icebreakers to start the conversation.

However, you must subscribe to receive messages and irrelevant restrictions to your match’s profile.

For 24 months, a subscription costs £7.95 each month.

Consider Eharmony as one of the coolest dating sites UK you can get to explore in your quest to find a partner.


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Our Time


Free membership

Users: 150,000 active users

Our Time dating site UK is one of the new dating sites with a breath of fresh air for individuals who are wanting to meet someone in real life.

Regular events for mature singles in your area are hosted by the site, where you can meet like-minded people. Feeling self-conscious?
You are free to bring in folks for moral support.

Because Match Group owns the app, your profile will display on other dating sites, increasing your chances of finding a suitable spouse.


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Original Dating UK


man and woman holding wine glassesUsers: Over 250,000

Are you sick of swiping right? Original Dating is different from other dating apps in that it focuses on singles meeting in person.

There are speed dating events (including virtual ones) where you can meet 15 to 20 people in a single night. Unlike traditional speed dating events, Original Dating ensures an equal number of men and women by requiring all guests to book online.

You can sign up for a subscription to get discounts and access to additional exclusive events, or you can just go to one of the events (prices start at £10).


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man and woman sitting on chair in front of table during sunset


Free membership

Users: 350,000

Dating in your 50s may be a minefield, whether your children have flown the nest or you’ve been divorced. So, this is where Lumen dating site UK enters the picture.

When interactions consist of bland platitudes, some dating apps can be soul-destroying. Lumen isn’t like that. Your introductory message should be at least 50 words to start an engaging conversations.

All accounts have been confirmed, and all profiles have at least three photos and a lengthy bio.

There are no paywalls on the site, but as a free user, you can only start six discussions each day. If you pay £24.99 per month, you can upgrade to 12 daily talks.





Free membership

Users: 4 million

OkCupid includes a lengthy personality test that is intended to improve compatibility.

Then, by answering amusing questions like “Do you make your bed every day?” you may add individuality to your profile.

You can only message those with whom you have matched, rather than being flooded with messages. The software is free to download and use, but you may pay Premium for more features.

The OkCupid app was the first to provide 22 gender options and 13 sexual orientation options in 2014. According to their website, OkCupid makes 91 million connections each year because of its inclusive attitude.



How To Have A Nice Date

We’ve picked the experts’ brains on how to have a nice date now that you’ve gone through the best dating sites UK and armed yourself with all the necessary safety advice to know before date night.

According to Verity Hogan, an eHarmony relationship specialist, a lot of it comes down to chemistry, but there are a few fail-safe tactics to handling a first date that you should know about.

  • Don’t stalk people on social media.

Before meeting up, it’s often tempting to ‘accidentally’ check out a date’s social media accounts.

In fact, according to our findings, more than a third of us (38%) admit to using Google before it was invented. If at all possible, avoid it.

If you spend too much time on social media stalking, you’ll make snap judgments before you’ve ever met, so focus on getting to know the real person rather than their online personal.’

  • Opt for ease.

A first date is a chance for you to get to know your date, as well as for them to get to know you.’

While we all want to portray the best version of ourselves, clothing in an unnatural way will make you feel uncomfortable and will most likely make you look unattractive.

If at all possible, avoid it. If you spend too much time on social media stalking, you’ll make snap judgments before you’ve ever met, so focus on getting to know the real person rather than their online persona.’

  • Ask questions

‘Let them know if you had a fantastic date.’ In today’s age of quick communication, trying to appear aloof by waiting three days after a date to contact someone doesn’t work.

In fact, only 4% of individuals believe you should delay to respond to a message from a date on purpose.

If you had a good time on your date, don’t be shy about sending them a quick note to say you’d want to see them again.

We hope you found this guide to the best dating sites useful, and good luck with your dating endeavors.

  • Maintain a positive attitude

‘There’s nothing like a genuine smile to put you at ease.

You’ll be significantly more likely to enjoy yourself and to make your date feel good as well if you approach your date with a positive mindset.’

  • Divide the bill.

Who pays the bill is one of the most contentious problems in first date etiquette.

  • Follow up

Let them know whether you had a great time on your date. Trying to look aloof by waiting three days after a date to call someone doesn’t work in today’s world of instant communication.

Only 4% of people believe that intentionally delaying a response to a communication from a date is a good idea.

Don’t be hesitant about writing them a quick email to indicate you’d want to see them again if you had a wonderful time on your date.’

We hope you found this guide to the best dating sites useful, and we wish you the best of success in your dating adventures.


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