11 Top Free Taiwan Dating Sites; Looking For A Date?

Free Taiwan dating sites boasts some of the most beautiful ladies in Taiwan because Taiwan is quickly becoming a popular spot for meeting attractive women.

Taiwanese dating is distinct from that of Western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. But there’s no need to be concerned about the dating culture in this country since we’ll give you a list of free dating sites in Taiwan, so you get to interact and find out more about who you’re into before taking the big leap.

Taiwanese women are known for their shyness, and dating in Taiwan is often slower. Women take second place to men in dating culture because they are shy and do not hold the same status as men.

Also, in Taiwan, men must do all the work to develop any kind of relationship. Because many Western guys like Asian women, the most common way to meet these stunning women is through online dating sites.

Fortunately, Taiwanese girls study English and are frequently fluent in it, making conversation simple.

So, as earlier mentioned, we have brought together a list of free Taiwan dating sites for you to scroll through and make your pick.



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AsianDating.com is amongst the most famous free Taiwan dating sites in Asia, with a substantial portion of its users coming from Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and the Philippines.

You can use your Facebook credentials to log in or sign up manually, whatever you prefer.

The user interface of this Taiwan dating service is both appealing and functional. It provides a fast and secure web experience for users, as well as a choice of methods of communication and friendly customer care agents.

You can also indicate if you’re searching for Taiwanese singles or someone in your region to date. It is noteworthy however that, to use this enjoyable service, you must be at least 18 years old or above.


Taiwan Singles

Taiwan Dating App - AGA – Apps on Google Play

Taiwan Singles is a well-known online free Taiwan dating site in Taiwan. The user experience on the site is enjoyable and safe, making it ideal for casual or serious partnerships.

Despite Taiwan’s 24-million-strong population, the site caters to singles from all sorts of backgrounds. This Taiwan dating service is for men and women above the age of 18 seeking a love companion or casual hookups.

Before granting you access to their community, they validate your membership applications, which should be a primary concern for dating sites in Taiwan.



💖taiwanmatch.com 簡介2022 | Perfect or Scam?

Taiwanmatch.com is one of the most popular free Taiwan dating sites on the internet. It creates a safe and secure online dating atmosphere in which swiping left or right is simple, rapid, and authentic.

Finding serious prospective partners is challenging with over a million members from all across the globe.

This Taiwan dating site features an excellent algorithm chain as well as the capacity to communicate instantly. Although the site’s main functionality is not required, it does provide paid add-ons.

The 30-day programme costs $9, while the 180-day programme costs $40.



Chinese Dating & Chat with Singles at TrulyChinese

TrulyChinese is one of Asia’s top and safest free Taiwan dating sites, with an exceptional matching algorithm that considers a wide range of factors and allows you to rapidly find the appropriate match.

Free and simple search filters, a compatibility analyzer, dynamic communication options, a 24/7 support team, and a professionally designed user interface are just a few of the features available.

On the site’s Blog page, there are also various helpful instructions and suggestions for online dating in Taiwan.


WOOTALK Taiwan App

wootalk ios版壞了嗎? - 心情板 | Dcard

WooTalk is a free Taiwanese dating site that debuted in 2015 and has several distinct advantages. A large percentage of Taiwanese men and women utilize the app to stay connected to their jobs while having fun and as such, users can get push notifications even if the app is turned off. ‘Whisper, secret language,’ and ‘adult mode’ are just a few of the site’s amazing chat options.

On the dating site, ‘Adult Mode’ allows you to discuss topics that are exclusively appropriate for adults, and creating a Wootalk profile is free with no additional expenses.

Since the language in this software is only available in Standard Mandarin, it can only be used by people who speak or comprehend Taiwanese.



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Badoo is a popular free Taiwan dating site with a huge number of attractive men and women who mostly cater to Asian customers.

The success of online dating in Taiwan is partly due to Badoo’s genuine and enjoyable user experience. You won’t be able to use some services like blogs or photographs until you first provide your data, unlike other online dating sites.

Users’ safety is ensured by the site’s monitoring and safety protocols, as well as the requirement that all users confirm their accounts.

Another unique component of the programme is location-specific matching, which targets persons in your area rather than their age or gender.

For $2, you can acquire 100 credit scores, 550 credit histories, or 1,250 and 2,750 credit scores, respectively.

The site is offered in over 45 languages to reach a larger crowd, and you must be at least 18 years old to sign up for this app, despite its ease of use and accessibility.



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Tinder is one of the most popular online free Taiwan dating sites among Taiwanese. It brings singles together in their neighbourhood as well as from all around the world.

Since its inception in 2012, similar apps like Hinge, PlentyOfFish, and OkCupid have popped up. When it was first released in 2012, the app was very innovative.

Tinder’s app is simple to use: simply swipe to show who you’re most interested in.

It is free to join, but certain premium features need a membership.



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Tantan is one of those dating applications that can help you find love with only one swipe.

Users build profiles by uploading a photo and filling up basic information such as their name, age, and locality.

The principle is somewhat similar to Tinder in that you simply swipe your finger over the pictures of people you’re interested in.



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Mico Chat is a free Taiwan dating site that enables you to converse with individuals all around the world at the same time. You may use a GPS to contact nearby profiles, making it easy to arrange to meet with your new friends.

By glancing at their profiles, you can learn where they are, their marital status, their date of birth, and the distance between you and them.

It also enables you to communicate with hundreds of other people in one day.



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Every love story inspires them to strive for greater heights, which is why they enjoy hearing from you.

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You’re in their clutches!



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Plato is one of the best group chat software, and it’s all about having fun with your pals.

This software does not require any sign-ups, emails, or phone numbers to use.

The purpose of the app is to get you closer to your friends or introduce you to new people.

Simply upload a photo to your profile and begin speaking. With a community of over 10 million people, you’ll discover your circle in no time.



Free Taiwan dating sites have grown in popularity in Taiwan in recent years. Taiwanese ladies appreciate the freedom and flexibility of chatting with men on their mobile devices.

Users can send gifts to those they admire using some of the wonderful features found on these dating sites, which is an excellent approach to getting acceptance from Taiwanese ladies and gentlemen.

If you decide to contact Taiwanese men and women using the free dating services described above, make sure you provide as much information about yourself as possible.

This will aid the site in matching you with your ideal companion.

We hope this article was helpful!

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