How to Make Your Girlfriend Laugh[What To Do]


How to make your girlfriend laugh is one of the techniques you need to learn in maintaining a stable relationship

Everyone enjoys laughing because it’s a good sensation. Additionally, it makes people relax, become more carefree, and develop greater levels of trust.

You might not be sure how to make your girlfriend laugh while on a date, on a casual stroll, or even over text.

This kind of thing might easily make you anxious, especially if you love her!

It’s been proven that one of the fantastic techniques to establish a relationship with a girl is to make her laugh.

You can tell she’s having fun if she’s grinning and laughing. You have a tonne of options if you’re unsure of how to make girls giggle.

She will want to continue talking to you if she is laughing, which indicates that she is becoming more at ease with you and that you are making her feel good.

Also, some of the additional flaws in your strategy can be made up for by making her laugh.

Do you find her to be far too attractive? Are you feeling unworthy of her?

No problem, the following is a rundown of the basic ways how to make your girlfriend laugh, and keep her begging for more.


Make her smile first.

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It all starts with a smile before you get to the laughing part. Humour is the finest approach to a lady’s heart, although it can be challenging to understand how to make her smile.

You only need a bit of self-assurance, a dash of absurdity, and a few witty compliments to get her over to the laughing corner.


Have a collection of amusing stories.

THEIR STORIES - Tell Her Stories

It’s a good idea to maintain a stock library of funny stories that you can turn to in a pinch, even though you don’t want your funny anecdotes to sound overly contrived.

Unless you know her too well, stick to talking about general, lighthearted topics and stay from gross or intimate stories. Keep in mind that she might not find it funny just because your friends do.

Also, one-liners aren’t the best choice when you want to demonstrate your wit, but they work well when you just want to be goofy.

You can either create the jokes specifically about her or choose a more broad topic.

However, refrain from using embarrassing one-liners, because contrary to what is commonly believed, ladies don’t find such amusing; in fact, you might even frighten her.


Use your strengths to develop your unique sense of humour.

Consider the things you frequently say or do that get a good laugh from your friends, especially the female folk.

You can try your skills at impersonation and mimicry in her company if snarky retorts are your style.

Be careful that they are not malicious, just lighthearted.

Don’t go overboard with the self-pity, but pointing out some ridiculous things about yourself could make her laugh.

Draw inspiration from your own life, or develop the ability to make fun of yourself when necessary.

You can say, for instance, “Well, there goes my ambition of being a runway model,” if you trip over something when you’re walking with her.

This lightens the atmosphere and demonstrates to her that you are carefree and confident in yourself.


Send her funny texts, hilarious memes, or links to funny videos.

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Even while memes aren’t always funny, you’ve seen the occasional gem of a joke. When you have finished, save the picture and text your girl with it.

Although you won’t be able to hear her laugh, you’ll undoubtedly hear her say “LOL” loudly.

Look for memes about that particular subject if you know she likes it.

Also, find videos of stand-up comedians, for instance, especially if they are parodying something you know she likes or finds humorous!

You might also choose something more straightforward, like a gallery of funny animal videos or a clip from her preferred comedy program.


How To Keep Her Laughing.

How to Make a Girl Laugh Every Time: 10 Proven Ways

Keeping your girlfriend laughing after you’ve mastered the art of making her laugh is quite a tricky process, but you’re in luck, we’ve got some tips to sustain the humour you’ve painstakingly created for your lady.


Build up your skills.

If you can’t use your loved ones as test subjects for your comic techniques, what good are friends and family?

Unless you’re willing to take the terrifying step into stand-up, you can test your sense of humour on a trusted, nonjudgmental audience before you start whipping it out on dates.

Stand-up comedians need to perform on stage to improve their craft. This will also give you a chance to find out what flavour of funny you are.

Some people are made to be physical comics, whereas others are primed for more cerebral humour.


Pick your moments carefully.

When it comes to humour, timing is everything! This is especially true in light of the current circumstance at hand.

For instance, it’s a great opportunity to crack a joke if she accidentally knocks over a drink at a restaurant. It will lighten the atmosphere.

However, proceed with caution if she appears unhappy about something unpleasant happening in her life.


Discover what she finds humorous and work with that.

Try to fit in with her personality as every woman is unique to get her to laugh.

Simple inquiries will help you get the information you require. If she responds positively, she probably enjoys the area you’re heading at.

Work with that kind of humour if she mentions a specific film or television program.


Maintain a light tone.

If you are convinced that she enjoys dark humour and snarky comebacks, go for it!

But generally, if you keep it light and lighthearted, it’s better for everyone.

Being aggressive or strange right away could result from being cynical or sarcastic.

She might grow weary of the atmosphere or think it’s just a real downer in general if you keep throwing grim humour.


Laugh alongside her, not at her.

Since laughter is contagious, sharing a laugh can strengthen your relationship or increase her attraction to you.

Just make sure you’re not making fun of her. You want her to be enjoying herself just as much as you are if you are laughing and having fun.


You don’t need to be hilarious all the time.

Everyone enjoys laughing and having a good time, but occasionally someone wants to talk about something serious or confide in you.

She might not take you seriously if you always make jokes, or she might feel uncomfortable sharing anything personal with you for fear that you’ll turn it into a joke.

Make sure to occasionally change things up, so she views you from different perspectives.


Use a Little Teasing.

You can now talk about her in some kind, but slightly critical terms.

This is an excellent opportunity to covertly congratulate her.

Tell her that wearing unattractive clothing requires a certain aptitude that she simply lacks; she is too fashionable to be able to pull it off.

You could also remark that she is embarrassing certain people with her excellent and smart carriage.


Take the risk of being corny.

Being purposefully corny is a smart, safe method to make your girlfriend laugh without offending her, especially if you are getting to know her sense of humour.

Humour doesn’t need to be very original or clever.

If off-the-cuff, intricate wit isn’t your strong suit, arm yourself with a few corny icebreakers.

Sometimes the best laughs are cheap laughs. But keep in mind to employ the world economy, particularly in this situation.




Making a girl laugh is one of several stages you take to get a girlfriend, but it’s the most crucial one of them. The best way to promote the growth of a connection and deeper interest is through humour. You may pitch yourself as someone she should get to know by using humour.

Create a solid foundation for your connection with your girlfriend by developing the strengths listed.

After a certain point, you’ll be astonished to discover that your comfort level and your comprehension of what makes her tick will unleash your inner humour.

In essence, once you get her to laugh, you have the opportunity to make her the more.

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