Quick Divorce UK – Easy and Simple Ways

Datingster will be providing vital information on Quick Divorce UK in today’s article. If you are in UK and have been hoping to get a quick divorce then you should pay attention to this post.

Every year, many couples desire a quick divorce, but is it attainable, and what constitutes a quick divorce these days?

It is quite feasible to acquire a quick divorce if both parties agree to split and your relationship with your spouse stays friendly.

When obtaining a divorce, you must investigate your choices so that you can make an informed decision on how to terminate your marriage.

Using high-street solicitors to manage your divorce might result in legal expenses of thousands of pounds. Obtaining the decree absolute in the UK might potentially take up to 12 months, depending on where you reside.

The stress-free, faster, and less expensive answer is to acquire a quick divorce online, and we will show you how simple the entire procedure can be.

Let’s get started!


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Misconceptions About Getting a Quick Divorce UK

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Other online divorce firms have been known to promote divorce services that may be completed in less than 12 weeks. This is deceptive and will only lead to disappointment.

This is because of the 6-week ‘cooling-off period’ between the issuance of the decree nisi and the issuance of the decree absolute to dissolve your marriage.

Furthermore, several things must occur before you can even reach the cooling-off stage, and 6 weeks is just not enough time for that to occur.

It’s also a fallacy that one sort of divorce is faster than another. Regardless of the cause for the divorce or the length of separation, all divorces proceed through the same judicial process in the order they are received.

Divorce is thus a somewhat slow procedure. According to the most recent Government data on divorce timelines, it takes an average of 23 weeks to complete the decree nisi stage of divorce procedures.


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What You Need To Know Before Getting a Quick Divorce UK

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This is how quick divorce UK works;

You must have been married for at least 12 months before filing for divorce.

A divorce in which both parties agree to dissolve their marriage is considerably more likely to be completed quicker than one in which one party disputes the divorce and drags their feet.

The divorce procedure is the same regardless of the reasons for divorce or whether you employ a divorce lawyer or do it yourself online.

The length of a divorce can be affected by a variety of factors, the most prevalent of which are delays at divorce centers (courts) and a lack of cooperation on the side of one party.

If, like most individuals seeking a divorce, you want it over with as soon as possible, here are a few basic things you can do to prevent a lengthy divorce:

  • Avoid spelling errors in the divorce petition (e.g. spellings, details, etc.)
  • Inform your ex-partner of your plan to divorce (if possible)
  • Respond to the court in a timely and effective manner when required or urged.

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It is undoubtedly feasible to secure a divorce in the UK in less than 30 weeks, but only if your situation allows for it.

The divorce procedure is mostly an administrative one that is handled by the family court’s personnel. But, thankfully, there are numerous things you can do to help accelerate the process, one of which is how they get your papers.

Because paper filing is far slower than applying for divorce online, how you file for divorce is likely to be the most important determinant in how long your divorce will take.

The location of your residence will also influence how soon you may acquire an absolute decree.

If you live in London, it is even more critical that you seek an alternative to a high-street solicitor to manage your divorce since time frames are considerably longer than the national average.

Other factors, some of which are listed below, can also cause delays.

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What Causes Divorce Delays?

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These are some of the things that might cause delays when trying to get a quick divorce UK.

Acknowledgement of service form not returned

One of the first stages in obtaining a divorce is for one of the divorcing parties to execute a matrimonial order, which is effectively the divorce application.

Once this is completed and accepted, the court will send a copy to the other spouse, along with an ‘acknowledgment of service’ form, to which the other spouse must answer within 8 days.

If the form is not returned, whether purposefully or unintentionally, it might cause delays in obtaining a divorce.


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Trying to locate an ex-spouse when you don’t know their address

The individual requesting the marital order must provide their spouse’s address for the court to send out an acknowledgment of service form.

In the event of a contentious divorce or a long time of separation, the necessary address may not be known. Reasonable attempts should be taken to locate the address, but if this proves futile, the court may still be entitled to proceed with the divorce.

By then, a lot of time has been wasted in the process. This causes delays when getting a quick divorce UK.


Disputes about the claims in the divorce petition

At the moment, the divorce petition must provide a cause for the divorce.

Although there is only one general ’cause for divorce’ (irreparable collapse of the marriage), one of five probable ‘facts’ must be stated which are adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, living apart for more than two years (with permission), or living apart for more than five years (without permission).

Unreasonable behavior or infidelity is sometimes used to avoid having to wait two or five years (for living apart).

If either spouse disagrees with the ‘fact’ provided in the marriage decree, this might lead to conflicts and additional delays.

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How To Achieve A Quick Divorce UK

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We’ve given you a list of things to avoid doing to get a quick divorce, but what more can you do to accelerate the process even more?

While we all must go through the same divorce process to acquire an absolute decree, there are several things you may do to accelerate the process, which include:

  • Before filing a divorce petition, agree with your spouse on the reasons for the divorce.
  • Have professionals prepare your divorce petition for you (to avoid any mistakes).
  • Rather than submitting a paper application, file for divorce online.

If you do these three steps, you may be able to get a divorce for as little as 12 weeks since your case will not be delayed in court.

Here’s how to get a quick divorce in the United Kingdom.

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  • Confirm that your spouse will not contest the divorce.
  • Maintain communication with your spouse throughout the procedure.
  • Make sure your marriage certificate is handy before starting divorce proceedings.
  • Determine the legal grounds for divorce and come to an agreement with your spouse.
  • Request that your spouse sign and return the documents as soon as possible.
  • Verify that all of the information on the divorce petition is accurate.
  • File a D8 divorce petition together with the appropriate court fee payment.


Will Filing For Divorce Online Accelerate The Process?

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For a variety of reasons, a traditional divorce in which you file the papers personally through the post is likely to take longer than doing it online.

For starters, because the material is available online for court personnel to analyze, there will be fewer lengthy waits between phases of the divorce procedure.

Furthermore, because there is no postage to deal with, your case will not be hampered by mail delays. During the divorce process, “Snail Mail” might take many weeks!

Along with how long divorce is anticipated to take, the expense of divorce is typically one of the most important issues to consider.

As a result, the easy response is, without a question, yes.

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Below is a list of sites where you can file the paper works to achieve a quick divorce UK online:


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Getting a Quick Divorce UK can seem sometimes impossible but this post has shown the most easy way to go about it.

Achieving counsel early will help put your mind at ease since you will be able to ask any questions you may have and will feel more knowledgeable about the process.

If you follow all of the recommendations in this post, you will certainly obtain a quick divorce in the UK.

Hope you had a great a read. Please share your thoughts in the comment section and do well to share.

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