Top 13 best dating sites in Germany

Are you looking for the best dating sites in Germany? You are in the correct spot since there are free dating services in Germany that you may use, even if your time or budget are limited. You need to be extra cautious about phony profiles and fraudsters when utilizing these dating apps because signing up is simple and free.

These dating sites can help you establish a committed relationship, although the majority of them focus more on casual dating sites in Germany. All the fundamental features, including getting in touch with other users, are free to use. However, if you want further add-on features, you will need to pay.

Below are several free dating sites in German that you may meet people despite the stereotype that Germans are aloof.



Dating sites

OKCupid is a dating sites in Germany. It has a reputation for mainly depending on user-provided data to identify more suitable matches for its wide range of users. You may respond to as many or as few questions as you’d like as part of this free service, and the results are used to determine compatible potential mates.

Despite the fact that OKCupid caters to a broad international audience, several German users have criticized the service’s poor caliber. For instance, even if there are over 30 million potential matches to pick from, the site is free, so you’ll likely need to weed out con artists to locate your ideal match or casual acquaintance.

If none of the previous sites work for you, I advise you to try OKCupid as a last resort.  Join now!

Dating sites
Dating sites

Finya is a dating sites in Germany, Australia and Swizz. Over 1 million people are users of the site, which was created in 2001 and is entirely free to use. Your experience with this site may be impacted in both positive and bad ways by this.

The advantages are clear: free is always within reach! Finya keeps itself free by selling advertising space on the site, which many other users have complained about as being too obtrusive. However, because Finya is free, it tends to attract many fraudulent and scammy accounts.

However, I barely ever saw any adverts when I was on the website. Overall, Finya is a fantastic website with a friendly layout, strong functionalities, and a sizable user base to browse through. If you have a limited budget. Join now!

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The second-best dating sites in Germany is LoveScout24. The website was launched in 1997. With over 1 million active members in Germany alone, LoveScout24 is accessible to users in Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria.

Each of these nations’ respective official languages can be used to access this website; however, English is not one of them.

Additionally, the website employs cutting-edge security measures to detect the location of your IP address and prevent you from registering if you are not in one of the approved nations. It is challenging to navigate LoveScout24 since, for some reason, Google Translator appears to dislike it.

This website will be difficult if you are from outside of Europe or just speak English. However, if you live in one of the European nations covered by LoveScout24 and understand the language, this website is worth checking out because it offers many useful features and a large number of high-quality profiles to browse. Join now!

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eDarling is the greatest online dating sites in Germany. If you are 35 or older, in your 20s or early 30s, click on Join now below. It is frequently regarded as the most significant dating site in all of Europe.

The bulk of the users are over 35, as I previously indicated, however there are more women than males on the site. There is also no particular age range of singles on the site.

Over 2 million people use eDarling, which is neat and professional, operates without a hitch, has a fantastic matching algorithm based on an extensive personality test, and has a pleasant user interface. The only negative is that a premium will need to be paid for.

Lastly, if you’re interested in finding a good match in Germany, and your ready to pay for the cost, eDarling is the site for you. Join now!


Dating sites
Dating sites

Parship was established in 2000 in Hamburg, Germany. If you’re seeking for a committed, long-term relationship, it’s one of the top dating sites in Germany. It is accessible outside of Germany and in several other European nations.

You must complete an extensive 80-question personality exam as part of the Parship enrollment procedure, which might take you up to an hour. You must fill up at least 50% of your profile before you may communicate with other users. People who are not serious are screened out by all these time commitments.

Your personality test results will be used by Parship to identify some potential companions for you. You may view a compatibility score and compare your test results with those of other users.

Free user registration is available. However, you are then unable to view other profile images. Messages are something you can get. However, the quantity of messages you may send is limited. Join now!

Dating Cafe

Dating sites
Dating sites

In 1998, a dating café was established in Hamburg, Germany. It offers a setting where couples may connect online in a “cafe.” similar to when you impromptu meet someone at a café.

Nearly 95% of Dating Café users desire a committed connection. You are welcome to sign up as a free member with certain restrictions. You must purchase a membership if you want limitless video dating and messaging with other users.  Join now!


Dating sites
Dating sites

In 2017, the creator of ElitePartner founded LemonSwan. In Hamburg, Germany, the company is headquartered. If you’re seeking for a committed, long-term relationship, it’s one of the top dating sites in Germany.

Similar to ElitePartner, LemonSwan operates. But in comparison, less people utilize it. However, the premium membership is considerably more reasonably priced.

Registration is free. However, if you want to view clear photographs and send an unlimited number of messages, you will need to purchase a premium membership. The fact that single parents, students, and trainees may use LemonSwan for free is its strongest feature. Join now!


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In 2000, Bildkontakte was established in Cologne, Germany. Additionally, it is among the top dating sites in Germany. Everyone who wants to register must have a photo because, as the name says, the site is focused on images.

Casual connections are Bildkontakte’s primary goal. Later on, though, it is not unusual for members to start long-term partnerships.

The ability to speak with other members of Bildkontakte without paying a fee is a plus. A stronger profile search feature and no advertisements are available in the premium edition. Join now!


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On, basic profiles may be created and maintained without charge, while premium membership costs €25 for three months. According to the website, there are two million German profiles there, and 3,000 new users sign up every day.

You have enough possibilities to build a unique profile, and the thorough search function is very useful for locating people who share your interests.

The site includes a personal single feed you may view and personally verifies user profiles.  Join now!


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In 2002, Lablue was established in Stuttgart, Germany. In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, it provides dating services. For those searching for a committed relationship above the age of 30, this is the greatest option.

Ads provide funding for Lablue. You can talk with other users if you have a free membership. Lablue also offers a premium membership option that removes all advertisements. Join now!


NextLove - Home | Facebook

More than 5 million people use the European dating service NextLove, which caters to single and separated parents. It’s also accessible through an app and is in English (). You must confirm your profile using an SMS and one additional way after completing the quick and free sign-up process. In order to have only actual users, NextLove also keeps an eye on new sign-ups.

With the premium and premium Plus models available on NextLove, you have additional opportunities to communicate with other users. Join now!


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Another popular dating sites in Germany is C-Date, which has 35 million users globally and 3.7 million users in Germany. Casual dating, open partnerships, and affairs are their main interests. C-Date is accessible via their app in addition to their website.

C-Date is a highly vibrant community and welcomes everyone. Instead of using a form, the application procedure uses a responsive conversation, and profiles and photographs are carefully verified. Join now!


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Although Lovoo has a website where you may register, the service is mostly available through a smartphone app for Android and iOS that contains in-app purchases for premium features.

Their “live radar” location search lets you see other users nearby and displays their whereabouts. You may browse profiles anonymous by using the ghost mode.

Swiping left or right on user profiles finds matches, but unlike Tinder, you can get in touch with people straight away. Since 2011, Lovoo has been in existence.  Join now!


What German Dating Site Is Best For Serious Relationships?

Quality dating is crucial if you want a committed, long-term relationship in Germany. The price that Germans are ready to pay to find love is extremely high. The following websites listed in this article are only available in German.



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