Where to Touch a Girl, 7 Places to touch and when to stop

Have you ever wondered or Googled “Where to Touch a Girl“? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone in this search. It is very important to know these things in other not to mess things up with someone you are crushing on

There are five basic human senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

These senses are associated with various organs that send information to the brain to help us interpret, understand, and perceive the world around us.

Why it is imperative to know Where to Touch a Girl is because touching a girl when she doesn’t feel comfortable or wants you to do so could lead to a bad situation for you and the girl in question

On he other hand, if done properly and she reciprocates or likes the fact that you are touching her, this also could lead to something intriguing and

However, the sense of touch plays a vital role in the transfer of emotions and feelings, because it is the most physical and most tangible of all other senses.

In fact, the sense of touch is one of the most central forms of perceptual experience. You might ask “why the sense of touch and not other senses?”

Well! This is because, what is touched is felt, and what is felt, in most cases, results in an emotional fusion.  In real-time, we connect more with the people we are closest to through touch. These people include – our friends, family, romantic partners, etc.

Touching helps to increase physical attraction and avoid the ‘friend zone’, for those who seek to go beyond the ‘just friends’ tag.

The emotional fusion shows that we have gone past the surface level in our relationship, into having a deeper bond. For instance, if you have a crush on a girl or a lady, you should strive to break the touch barrier as soon as possible and ensure that in doing so, you don’t freak her out.

This scenario is best captured especially on a first date. A kiss is not a ‘must-do’, but a friendly hug helps to set the pace in establishing trust.
The girl will need to be comfortable with you giving her casual touches before she decides to go all the way.

However, breaking the touch barrier may vary depending on the girl in question. A shy girl may be reluctant to initiate or receive physical contact, while an outgoing girl, who likes you, maybe the one to make the first move.

It is very necessary to make a girl comfortable around you before you try to touch her for the first time. You cannot approach a random girl and try to touch her without coming off as a pervert.

Before we proceed to the point of ‘where to touch a girl, we need to look at; the appropriate time to start touching, ways to start touching, and some red flags to be avoided when touching.


The Appropriate Time To Start Touching

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Your first move should be to create a physical connection within the shortest possible time.

You could start with a simple introductory handshake, a pat on the back or shoulder, a fist-bomb, a high five, etc.

This early connection is what establishes that you are friendly and expressive naturally

Get this, the more time you take to make contact, the harder it is going to be, and the more awkward you are both going to feel.

Over time, after the first contact, subsequent touches should become more personal and intimate.

The build-up to your first kiss should come as a natural affirmation, and not a burst of sudden affection.

Some of the events that lead to creating a favorable physical connection, without having to struggle to make a move include:

  • When she is free enough to open up to you or share something personal about herself with you.

For instance, you may ask her what motivates her in life, and she tells you how she gets out of bed every morning to voluntarily help out at the veterinary clinic because she hates to watch animals die.

You can congratulate her by patting her on the back and commenting on how she is helping to make the world a better place.

  • When inviting her to grab a drink, see a movie, or take a walk.

Gently grab her arm, hold her hand, or touch the small of her back and guide her with you.

  • When she is giggly or laughing hard at a joke you made.

Assuming you confided in her about your most embarrassing moment, and it turns out to be a funny story that gets her laughing hard enough, jokingly nudge her by the side and make her promise to tell no one.

The following signs will further affirm that she is comfortable being around you:

  • She smiles after you touch her.
  • She maintains eye contact.
  • She reciprocates your touch.
  • She doesn’t move away.
  • She is not timid.

Ways To Start Touching a Girl

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No lady would want to be manhandled, and a gentleman would want to keep things subtle. The way you touch a girl reflects your motives, personality, and emotions towards her.

A welcome touch is one that has a little weight, without being overpowering.

A caress should not be mistaken for poking. It must strike a balance and also be mindful of the two extremes:

Neither too much nor too little
Breathe in, exhale, and run your fingers through like you have a velvet raiment that needs proper stroking!

When you make contact, it should flow naturally, just like conversations

Do not linger, unless she wants you to, as this may draw unnecessary attention.

Even though she is relaxed around you, don’t be too confident and make a big deal out of it.

Avoid cheesy lines and direct eye contact with where your hand is placed on her body.

Your hand gestures should not be threatening, but should spontaneously highlight your interest in her.


Where To Touch a Girl

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This is the crux of our study, but before we move on, we believe that previous steps prior to this, have been appropriately kept and followed.

Now, there are some exciting parts of a woman’s body that needs special attention, only if you are to score an ace in your ‘touch’ game.
They include:

The Arms and Hands— These are practically the basics, you cannot jump from these to any other body part without appearing hasty and insensitive.
Therefore, be patient enough to pass through here!

The Nape and Throat region— Research has shown that the nape of a woman’s neck and throat are very sensual, as the skin around these areas is quite thin and closer to the blood vessels.
Therefore, touching these parts will definitely get her wild and intimate.

The Ear— A gentle massage to the sensitive rim of her ear with your finger, may just be what drives her crazy.

The Lips and Mouth— Try tracing her lips slowly with the tip of your fingers, and you may be surprised at how exhilarating she might find it.

The Back— Touches within the back region generally convey support or comfort. However, if done towards the lower back, women may interpret such a touch as being downright sexual.
So if you want to show you care, it is best to stick to the upper back.

The feet— Not only does a foot rub feel amazing – it also allows the woman to feel that the person giving the foot massage, truly cares about her well-being.

The Thighs and Behind the Knees— At this point, you must have won her completely over.
Go gentle and take your time, you wouldn’t want to ruin a build-up of efforts.


When To Stop Touching a Girl

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A nod of approval may abruptly change to a complete withdrawal in a matter of seconds.

As a gentleman, respecting a woman’s boundaries demonstrates your social awareness and emotional consideration.

Avoid touching her if you observe the following:

  • She appears uncomfortable.
  • Suddenly pulls away from you.
  • Outrightly voices her disapproval

You need to take back your hand casually and resume the conversation if possible

If she barks her disapproval at you, quickly apologize, and don’t take it the wrong way. She may not just be ready yet!

You can try again later, only if she starts warming up to you, and the atmosphere is encouraging.



At this point, you should know now just Where to Touch a Girl but when, how, and when to stop touching a girl as all these are important things to know in our society today in other not to be accused of harassment

Most people often assume that navigating through a woman’s body can be an impossible task sometimes.

On the contrary, knowing the right steps to take and in the right direction, can get you to the desired place, and even have her begging for more.

So all you need to know is when, how, and where to touch a girl, and you’re good to go!



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